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Foot-sole Massager


In 1992, Seiketsu Enterprise brought the Foot-Sole Massager into the Malaysian market. At the time, foot massaging was an ancient technique that was not widely known, and domestic health equipments were not as popular. Gradually, Seiketsu Foot-sole Massager opened up the market with its effective treatment. Not only is the massager’s all in one design appealing to the consumers, it has helped countless patients regain their health for over 10 years. Seiketsu Foot-sole Massager combines the theory of Chinese foot reflexology, Gua-Sa, Acupuncture and western electrostatic treatment and ultra long electromagnetic wave theory. Its 8 main functions are intended to improve blood circulation and clearing the passages of veins and nerves.

8 Main Functions
Foot-Sole Roller Massager
Stimulate the acupuncture points on the foot-soles by the vibrating and bumping effects of the
roller. This would stimulate blood circulaltion and impede the ageing process.
Point Moxibustion
Smoothen blood flow, normalize blood circulation thus producing more energy, strengthen body immunity.
Static Electric Circulation Device
Balance the positive and negative electricity within the body. Balance the "Yin" (qi)
energy and "Yang" (blood) within the body. Improve body health and condition.
Electronic Acupuncture
The static-electricity rod can be used as a electronic acupuncture device. It could reach our acupuncture points without poking our skin. It would transfer static electricity to our acupuncture points, clear blockage and smoothen our veins.
Electronic "Gua Sa"
The use of electric wave, together with the scrapping and massaging effect, would expel heat from
our bodies through the skin. This would provide relieve and comfort to our bodies.
Electric-Static Comb
It can be used for the purpose of "Gua Sa" or combing the back of our hands and feet. If we use
the Static-Electricity Comb to comb our head, it would relieve discomfort from our head.
Hyper-Long Electromagnetic Wave
Strengthen cells' function, increase metabolism rate and maintain normal secretion.
Refu Dai
Allows the neck muscle to relax, maintain warmth, get rid of belching, reduce fat and
provide slimming effect, reduce the stress placed on the blood vessels and nerves and get rid of discomfort.

8 Major Purposes
*  Smoothens veins and acupuncture points 
*  Activates blood flow and clears waste 
*  Balances nervous system 
*  Harmonises
energy and blood 
*  Stimulates blood circulation 
*  Improves metabolism 
*  Adjusts internal secretion 
*  Improves immunity
  • Awards by New York World Medicine & Healthcare Products’ Exposition [World Medicine & Healthcare Products-Special Gold Medal]
  • Awards by Hong Kong World Healthcare Products' Exposition [World Healthcare Products-Special Gold Medal]
  • Awards by 3rd Hong Kong World Chinese Medicine Convention [‘Hua Tuo’ Creative Invention Awards]
  • Awards by 1st China Special Zone Healthcare Products’ Exposition [ Gold Medal]
  • Awards by 1st Shanghai Green Products & Services Exposition [The only official medical device endorsed by the exposition]
  • Awards by Dalian New & Quality Consumer Products Exposition [Product loved by the people]

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