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Cosmos Oven Roaster



‘Seiketsu Cosmos Oven’ is the world’s first all-steel oven. It is high quality, practical and durable. Its simple design is not only beautiful, but easy to operate and clean. Utilizing the Revolve Heating System, it enables more balanced roasting and baking. Furthermore, its capacity is larger than most ovens in the same category, which makes cooking more convenient. Now you can cook a variety of food at the time, like meat and cakes, hence cutting down energy usage.

'Seiketsu Cosmos Wok' is elegant in design. It is made with high quality 5 layerd 18-10 stainless steel, sandwiching centre layers of pure aluminium (imported from the United States) which is able to seal in heat. It conducts heat evenly and as such there is conventional action during the process of cooking, making food more delicious and taste natural while saving time and fuel.The ‘Cosmos Wok’ does not burn food easily. It is non stick and helps retain the food’s authentic taste. Pairing up the ‘Seiketsu Cosmos Oven’ and ‘Cosmos Wok’’ offers you many cooking options, whether it is braising, roasting, steaming, frying or baking. This is an essential set of cookware for the modern kitchen.


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